Saturday, March 14, 2009

Angie Dickinson - Britney Spears - Gogo Mastrokosta - Victoria's Secret Models

Esquire 60 Years of Women We Love
Frank Bez is the photographer who captured Angie Dickinson (Policewoman) in this now iconic image. The original photgraph dates back to 1966 but was the cover of Esquire in 1993. In the 1966 photo Angie Dickinson is wearing a powder blue sweater and was photographed infront of a black background. When the photo was reused for the 1993 issue the film had faded into a burgundy and white, which eventually became the now-utilized maroon and cream.

Esquire 70 Years of Women We Love
Esquire later re-created the shot with Britney Spears captured by James White in November 2003.
Again one month later Gogo Mastrokosta is featured on the cover of Esquire Greece in an exact copy of Britney's cover right down to the finest detail of her hair!

Esquire 75 Years of Women
Esquire and James White re-created the shot with Victoria's Secrets Models for the February 2008 issue.

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