Sunday, May 6, 2012

James Gandolfini, David Chase - Kostas Karafotis, Eleana Papaioannou, Andreas Stamou

 David Chase is the Creator of The Sopranos a television series about mobster Tony Soprano who is in midlife crisis. The main character is played by James Gandolfini.
Annie Leibovitz photographed James Gandolfini, David Chase and a model for the cover of Vanity Fair April 2007.

As soon as I saw the new promo photo for Frangelico where Kostas Karafotis,  Eleana Papaioannou and Andrea Stamou will be singing in the summer of 2012, it reminded me of the Vanity Fair cover featuring The Sopranos.

The concept is exactly the same, only the girl's attire changes! They even photoshopped Eleana's shoes red. As you can see in the photo of the photoshoot she isn't wearing red shoes!

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